The Showcase of S.

…I’ve never been one for formal introductions, so I suppose I’ll get right down to it. 😛

Name is S., perhaps you’re more familiar with this alias at Stack Smash?

To be honest, the reason I decided on making this blog was because… well… I needed somewhere else to park, so to speak. Rather, my desk is cluttered; I want to organize it a little more. This site should help me do that.

I will be introducing here some of my own hackings of the textures of Brawl, and I will also be showcasing some of my fellow siblings’ work, which I think some may enjoy.
For the record, I’m far from the most remarkable artist… but I try my best to please. I’m always for hearing comments on stuff I make, what could be improved, or more casual responses. Guess it’s a lot like art.

So, while you’re here, why not browse around a bit? Granted, you’ll probably not find anything interesting today… but I can assure you, I will try my best to share some interesting stuff another time.

For now… welcome to
Illusory Labyrinth.

Hope you enjoy your time here. 🙂



2 Responses to The Showcase of S.

  1. leon2457 says:

    😀 You’ve got a love-ly bucnh of textures, there they are standing in a row *shot*

  2. Unai says:

    Hi, where can I download your Toon Ganondorf? It’s nice! There are some more textures I like, but they can’t be downloaded from Kitty Corp…

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