Here We Go.

Textures we’ve all seen, know, and love.

Everything but the kitchen sink. Don’t forget to check out Stack Smash to see all these textures!

And just to reiterate from the previous update…

Before anyone takes this the wrong way, no, I am NOT leaving the team, and no, I am NOT updating this place with exclusive Melee updates… OR WILL I?… Nah, more than likely not, though I will probably have a featured “Update” on current Melee hacking progress, and some stuff made by my siblings.
You could just think of this as “The Roster” tab at Stack Smash, only a little more extensive.

If this doesn’t work out, then hey, it was worth a shot. I just wanted a place to put all the stuff together, really.


8 Responses to Here We Go.

  1. steelia says:


    Won’t be pretty for you.

  2. Vert092 says:

    Awesome work. I love the brawl roy.
    Also, Blood Falcon’s file is wrong, it’s a .usd, and not a .dat. And I really want to use that texture… So, could you please fix that?

  3. steelia says:

    Not to worry, Vert092; Blood Falcon’s file is supposed to be .usd… Depending on your Melee disc (I have NTSC v1.2), Captain Falcon’s red costume has 2 files: a .dat file, and a .usd file.
    The difference is, .dat files are run sometimes exclusively for the JAPANESE language Melee.
    .usd files, on the other hand, are exclusive files to the AMERICAN language Melee…

    A good example would be, if you downloaded Brawl Roy’s .DAT file, you could play that in both AMERICAN and JAPANESE language Melee because his costume is shared between both languages.
    However, if you download Blood Falcon’s .usd, you can ONLY play that costume in AMERICAN language Melee (I’d have to make a separate Blood Falcon .dat for it to work in JAPANESE language Melee).

    Hope that made some sense. X:

  4. Vert092 says:

    OK, but can you do a PAL version? your other textures run fine in my PAL one…

  5. steelia says:

    A PAL version, eh? I’m afraid I don’t have access to any files for PAL… What kind of format does the PAL Melee disc follow, only .DAT file format?

  6. Vert092 says:

    Yeah, only .dat I think.

  7. steelia says:

    Well, if you haven’t already, check the latest update! Hope it works for you.~

  8. bleagelo says:

    dayum bro, this sht is awesome!

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