Why So Serious?

Filler update, made just to show all you fine people out there… the TRUE differences between the textures of Melee and Brawl! (Besides the obvious texture quality, smart ones.)

Some people had their complaints on the introductions of Brawl Pichu and Brawl Mewtwo.

Why are they so dark?!
You made them so desaturated!
So they are made in Brawl format, automatically makes them dull? Doesn’t sound like you did your homework.

Yep, good ol’ unknowledged comments and complaints.

But now I will turn their words on their heads.

BEHOLD! The evidence!

While I AM aware that Brawl’s are only “dull” because Brawl’s lighting system is so intense, that doesn’t change the fact that they ARE inferior in terms of color… so I did right.

Case, now rested.


One Response to Why So Serious?

  1. Eternal Yoshi says:

    LOL. Pwned.

    I’m surprised no one posted here. This needs to be known.

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