Pardon the Downtime…

For those who do NOT know.

As you might be aware, this site is an extension of Stack Smash. And, as it is, Stack Smash is suffering downtime. As a result, I cannot update until they get back up, so I can release more content via their site.

So, bear with me for a while; I’m itching to release some stuff as it is!


7 Responses to Pardon the Downtime…

  1. Tichinde925 says:

    You can always use Megaupload / Rapidshare / etc… for the meantime. And when the main website goes back up, just reload everything back onto that site.

  2. S. says:

    That was something I was considering. Though, the site is supposed to be getting back up today/tonight. If not, well, what can you do.

  3. Well good luck getting Stack Smash back on because that’s my favorite site and the first site I always go to for when I want to see some textures. oh can I join stack smash, I only come up with ideas and I can’t do hacks but i can suply the team some of my ideas just in case they don’t know what they want to make for textures.

  4. Tichinde925 says:

    You should ask me to join 😛

    Look at what I did:

  5. S. says:

    @darkredscorpio: Appreciate your enthusiasm, but I’m afraid we’re probably not going to be picking up new members for a while; we’re infamous enough for having too many as it is (and plus, head-honcho PZT is our idea supplier… he probably wouldn’t want the competition 😛 ).
    However, that’s why the Suggestion page exists…. 😉

    @Tichinde925: I would love to add more people who are willing to the Melee side of things… but I’d have to run it by team leader PZT first. I don’t know if he’d want Stack Smash divided into two teams (and given I’m one of like 2 or 3 in the team who supports Melee, the others… aren’t exactly thrilled when discussion of it is ever brought up >_>; ).

  6. Lord Prosper says:

    Oh, I wish putting texture hacks into Melee was as easy as it was for Brawl =/ By the way, any idea when good ol’ SS is gonna be back up? I miss you guys.

  7. S. says:

    Making Melee hacking as convenient as Brawl hacking? You have no idea, Lord Prosper.

    As for Stack Smash, we really don’t know. I have no idea what PZT is up to, or whether he’s had any success recovering anything (let alone finding a good host). Seems we’ll be out of commission for a long while.

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