Stack Smash is BACK.

As a result…

I can FINALLY get back to updating on occasion, with some smaller releases. Feels good not to be thrown off. 😀

(There are still a few kinks being worked out with the Released Content, so hold tight as those are cleared and I can get to uploading some of the new stuff.)

In any case, a smaller project I’ve been working on… turning the majority of the [applicable] Melee contenders into their Brawl costumes. You’d be surprised at the results.

To start off this little trend… we’ve got Brawl Kirby. Not exactly the best opener, but hey. His hats were annoying. D:


5 Responses to Stack Smash is BACK.

  1. SleepyK says:

    neato, I like seeing the higher res textures… but i like original costumes more! XD keep up the good work

  2. SmashManiac2008 says:

    you are amazing

  3. Tichinde925 says:

    You should post the videos you uploaded onto here.

  4. hotdogturtle says:

    Ugh, Stack Smash is gone again…

  5. zBOREDOMKINGz says:

    Jiggs and him are Twins in the last pic. O.o
    It’s still strange seeing some characters in their Brawl forms.
    Goooooooo S! =D

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