Kirby Hats! (7/7)


Yesssss, I made Kirby hats. Some obscure, some obvious, some a little… different. But nonetheless, they were a blast. I will be introducing 3 a day, 2 pics per hat.

If you don’t see the downloads for these up at Stack Smash immediately, don’t fret — I have these timed, and I’ll get to them when I can.

Till then, the final 3 are now here.


2 Responses to Kirby Hats! (7/7)

  1. I liked a lot of these, but some of them seemed a little lazy. The “Brawl” hats were cop-outs for more interesting ideas, and the “female Pichu” hat was a complete wasted opportunity. It could have been Pachirisu, Miniun, or Plusle, but all you added were little hearts. Nice work overall, though.

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