To Another New Year!

More resolutions, more surprises… more hacking!

2010. Quite a while it has been since the dawn of the millennium, but how so few years we are into it.

Nonetheless, the promised New Years update. While I don’t have too many snapshots (quite a bother when running back and forth gathering more and more textures for testing, it tends to slip),  I hope this is enjoyed nonetheless.

From the top!

Brawl Samus (MUCH credit goes to Vanit for creating original; this version made with some graphical updates)
Dark Bowser
Dark Mario
Ocarina of Time Ganondorf
Toon Ganondorf
Brawl Jigglypuff
Brawl Pikachu
Fire Dr. Mario

Super Mario 64 Metal
Mushroom Kingdom 64


7 Responses to To Another New Year!

  1. zBOREDOMKINGz says:

    I’m not going to the tourney anymore but I’m sure to burn these sexy textures anyway. >:D

    I’m really digging the Fire Dr. Mario. O.o
    Good job =D

  2. S. says:

    Pardon the delay… All releases made, including Masked Man (whom I so nubishly updated with Metal Mewtwo unknowingly).

    Have at it. 🙂

  3. ScoobyCafe says:

    Wow, everything looks really good; that Metal Mario caught my attention, same for the Ganon textures (damn at both, OoT Ganon should be reserved for Kage, for real).

    Great work, S.

  4. Rialdospaldacht says:

    You don’t have an update for it and this update is kinda relevant…

    The Ganondorf audio hack. You have his laugh in there somewhere, right? Hopefully as his victory where he swings the sward?

  5. S. says:

    You bet, Rialdospaldacht.
    If you check some of my latest footage on my YouTube channel (nifanatic), you should find what you’re looking for. 😉

  6. Rialdospaldacht says:

    Yeah, I saw that after I posted. I also just noticed I misspelled sword.

    That hack is awesome. It fixed one of my annoyances with Melee Ganondorf.

  7. RuKeN says:

    how to download??

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