Tryouts! Take 1

I’m a couple days late, but better late than never, eh?

Since Stack Smash is running itself some tryouts, I figured I’d better spread the message:

Are you a Melee hacker?
Have you shown interest in this little site, and wanted to help contribute in some way?

Well, this is your chance! But only for a limited time (until next tryouts, whenever THAT might be).

IF you are an interested [Melee] hacker, you already have the qualifications for being a member! However, a few small questions I need you to answer for me first, for easier qualification judgment:

~What would you be hacking in the game? (I know a few people who are texture hackers, but there are some a bit more hardcore who hack music, sounds, even more in-depth things in the game itself!)

~Can you show me what you have made? (No offense to those who CAN hack, but I’m a little picky. If you can hack, great, but… being somewhat proficient wouldn’t hurt, either.)

~How often do you expect to update? (Just a random question. PLEASE, if you do NOT intend to update at LEAST semi-frequently [once a week or two], don’t bother. I don’t want to have another Stack Smash where we get a lot of members doing absolutely nothing, or disappearing for months on end. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not lax — if you’re doing something in your time but holding off for a nice update or two, then heck, I can live with that. Or, of course, if you’re having troubles at home, or doing work/school, I can definitely live with that. Look at me; I’m in the same boat. 😛 )

Other than that… go for it!

Hopefully I get a response or two. It’s rather lonely in here. ;_;


8 Responses to Tryouts! Take 1

  1. Tichinde925 says:


    I dont need to explain anything lulz.

  2. Tichinde925 says:


    Anything Audio Based.

    Once a week is good, though could do an audio hack per day.

    Fully customizing a character is a whole different story.

  3. S. says:

    Haha, of course, Tichinde925; I’m familiar with your topic at Smash Boards, naturally. Been wanting an audio person about. Welcome. 😀

    I’ll send you a PM over at SB on what may be needed so you can access this site, and all that goodness.

  4. Tichinde925 says:

    Very Well!

    Many Thanks!

  5. SleepyK says:

    perhaps? i’ve dabbled in all of the hacking process.

  6. Zyx says:

    If I find free software to continue my hacks… Why not ?! ^^

  7. S. says:

    @SleepyK and Zyx: If you’re serious about joining up, feel free to post some of the stuff you’ve made here for me to check out… whether it be snapshots, some videos, or topics of sorts. 🙂

    Though, Zyx, since you’re stuck in Limited Time mode, not sure what we could do about that . . .

  8. SleepyK says:

    oh i completely forgot about this.

    but uh, i’ve posted a ton of music in the request thread.
    also with shootingstars’ and your help we figured out the rebuilding thing.

    people have also been complaining about not being able to find some textures. i have a lot of free time so i would be glad to link to them and provide proper credit.

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