Hacking Melee How-To Tutorial #1

…That’s quite a mouthful.

*Be noted that I’m still taking up people looking to become members! I’ve got another week… or two… maybe three… before it ends, so check up on the previous update for details on that.

In the meantime, this is a new segment for all you visual learners out there. In this episode, we learn how to hack CSPs. Check it out.

I’m always up for suggestions… but this one was a rather heavy-duty request. If you have some more, and I’ve got the free time, I’d be happy to see what I could do.

Also, please pardon the lack of updates; I’m trying to keep space between them, as I’m not pumping out as many textures as I used to. Rest assured, however, I’m constantly making them, and discovering new things along the way. Don’t believe me? Here’s a little something I hexed up this morning:



4 Responses to Hacking Melee How-To Tutorial #1

  1. S. says:

    Also, Tichinde925, the heck did you disappear off to? T_O

  2. tichinde925 says:

    I didnt disappear at all. Im waiting for you to construct the Audio section.

  3. tichinde925 says:

    I am no web designer and whatever I do will look like crap so I wish to follow your example with whatever you do first.

  4. Gardevi says:

    Omigosh need blue fire now. :p

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