Added Seasoning + Français… Guide!

Here’s a little update, to a few characters that I felt required a little more… unique voicework.

Deep detail, I felt I could handle making some modifications to these characters… without tampering with the overall feel of them.

First off, there’s Young Link. I wasn’t fond with how he had nearly the same side-KO cry as his Star KO cry, so I modified it with something I found would be somewhat more fitting. (That, and I made his Up-B sound more reminiscent to that of his N64 counterpart.)

Second, there’s Ganondorf. I don’t know why Sakurai wanted Ganon to sound like he’d been Falcon Punched in his sack, much like how Luigi sounds like a non-ripe version of Mario. So, I did a complete overhaul of his voicework; now he utilizes his voicing from Ocarina of Time, the Ganon I WANTED to hear when I played this game. 😀
*Note: The Ganondorf heard in the below video was an early version; most of his voice files have been upped in volume. If anyone could test it out and see if they sound more distinguishable, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, there’s Samus Aran. While I’m fine with the noises she makes in Melee, they just seem rather… lifeless. There weren’t enough of them. So, I decided to add to her some of her Zero Suit Samus voice effects from Brawl… to remind us of just who is under all that armor.
…Oh, yes, and also showcased in the video is Samus’ infamous Power Beam. I’m not sure where Sakurai got the Beam she has in Bros. 64, Melee and Brawl… but what the hey. Power Beam’s here.

There you have it. Now enjoy the video.

~Oh, and before I forget, a little something Smash Boards member Zyx whipped up, for all you who understand a little more French than you do English: a handy guide! Note, it’s not completely finished as of now, but it should do very nicely for beginners.

Onward! 🙂

Also, if you pay closer attention… you may notice I snuck in a few unreleased textures. Phazon Suit Samus, Brawl Ganondorf, and P.E.D. Suit Samus. The Young Links, however, I’m saving for another update…


4 Responses to Added Seasoning + Français… Guide!

  1. Rialdospaldacht says:

    Out of curiosity, is the yell he does while punching the ground in OoT in there anywhere? Or the one when he turns into Ganon/throws that splitting energy ball?

  2. Rialdospaldacht says:

    Also (sorry for double post), you do know his cape was a dark red in TP and only black in Brawl?

  3. S. says:

    @First: Yes, the yell he does for the punch IS used… I just can’t remember where I snuck it in. I think one of his victory taunts, as it was long enough there.

    @Second: No problem with more than one postings here. 😛
    Very interesting detail; as many times as I’ve faced off against Ganon in TP, I never noticed the cape difference… Darn. Guess I can’t use that title for him here, then, haha. I just don’t like calling it “Brawl” because I use that for everyone else… and, literally, if it weren’t for the cape and some minor graphical updates, he IS nothing more than TP Ganon.

  4. Ganondorf is looking kind of stoned. 0_o

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