Updating Notice?! + An Update!

It was a matter of time before I made one of these, but better now than never to get it out of the way.

They don’t seem to have any kind of organization about them, do they? Well, that’s because they DON’T! I update whenever I get some snapshots, and I… rarely… get… snapshots.

here’s what I have in mind. Due to numerous pressing issues going on (such as school for me, and making actual textures), I plan to make it so that I have an update AT LEAST once a week, once every two weeks for sure. That’s from me. Can’t say anything for my other team member(s); whatever they feel like doing. This is me, and me alone. 😛

My week starts on Sunday. It ends on Saturday. Therefore, if I have an update on a Sunday… you’d have to wait until the next Sunday for something new. Along those lines, anyway.
While I still have a LOT of textures to get through… I’m trying to conserve. From experience, I’ve come to learn just how conservation can be really helpful in the [very] long run. And to be honest, I’ve been running rather short on ideas… so keep those Suggestions going. You can bet I’ve been checking them rather frequently due to my continued texture blocks.

OK, then, that’s it. An update once a week, once every two weeks at best, or if there’s a special occasion going on more than one that week, and… yep.

New texture. Brawl Marth.


8 Responses to Updating Notice?! + An Update!

  1. DNS says:

    Well, it’s nice to know when the updates are going to come 🙂

    I’ll be sure to tell you if I have any ideas^^

    though I’m so uncreative it’s doubtful

    Shadow Mario, maybe?
    It would probably be pretty hard to get it to look right, though

  2. Joe says:

    I’d like to see more marth textures, and especially non-brawl ones.

    From my experience, anything ported from brawl to melee has a negative popularity among the community.

    Also, how difficult is it to transfer the texture from one color slot to another? There are a few textures that are very good but take up the same slot (like OoT ganon and TP ganon textures are both for PlGnNr)

  3. S. says:

    @DNS: Yehhh, Shadow Mario wouldn’t look very pretty… without the whole overlaying-metal effect that Brawl has. I’ll experiment one day, to be sure, but don’t expect anything glorious of it. :b

    @Joe: Ironic; the most requested textures I get are Brawl texture transfers. XD
    Guess I don’t blame them, then; it never sat right in my stomach to begin with, anyway.

    As for texture transferring . . . it varies with the character. Some characters (such as Marth) need to be rehexed from scratch, whereas the rare few (such as Captain Falcon and, yes, Ganondorf) can be hugely copy-pasted from color to color, from where the texture starts all the way to where it ends. (:
    (Strange, though, I could’ve sworn I released OoT Ganon on a different color…)

  4. Rialdospaldacht says:

    You could do Dr Mcninja on Dr Mario…

  5. Joe says:

    Yeah i take my hacks setup to tournaments pretty often (1-2/mo in chicago area) with pretty hardcore melee/anti-brawl players. Right now i have brawl peach and brawl DK, along with the previous “shadow dragon marth” which is from brawl as well, and they are the most unpopular textures with players quitting matches to change colors because of the texture. In my next DVD i’m going to be removing those textures altogether.

    I really don’t have the patience to do texture hacks myself, and i really appreciate the creator’s time and effort, but I would really like to see more original works and/or non-brawl texture rips

  6. Joe says:

    Oh and I want to say that my personal favorites are the newest samus textures and the black mage/white mage ICs. Also, i enjoy the dark fox & wolf fox textures, but i’m not sure if many people share my feelings.

    The falcon textures are all great, with pinstripes being the favorite for some reason (idk MW falcons are crazy lmao) and batman being the least popular (though i don’t think its the concept, i think its the colors/batman generation used).

    Oh, and like i said in my other post, the ganon textures are amazing, and so are the link ones (the fierce deity one too, even though its brawl its still amazing).

    I like the fire mario and dark mario textures, but mario rarely gets played around here. TBH i think the doc textures aren’t as good as the mario ones and we have a few doc mains that would really love to see some awesome doc textures.

    Anyways, keep up the good work, i hope some of this feedback was useful.

  7. S. says:

    That’s a shame for Brawl Peach; she was one of my better ones. Though, I hardly blame them.
    What I find ironic is how a lot of people like the Dark Falco and Dark Fox, colors used from Brawl… yet the “Shadow Dragon” Marth, which I copied the style from his concept art and NOT his Brawl look, is hated.
    Concept used: http://honya-ch.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/fire-emblem-ds-marth.jpg
    I should probably revamp him another time so he looks less Brawl-y. I totally forgot he had a similar looking color like that in Brawl… Shoot…

    Batman was a request from someone else, so that’s why he looks the way he does. I didn’t want to use his more recent Dark Knight look because, well, it’s really plain and super-dark. Rather hard to see on black stages.

    Trust me, I was an old Doc main, so I’ve been trying to think of SOME ideas that would look nice on him. Sadly, most of those ideas just work better with Mario. I’ll look into transferring one or two of those onto the good Doc to see how it works out, then.

    Really appreciate the feedback. I’ve been wondering how the Brawl textures have been holding up out there; wasn’t sure if there were truly hardcore anti-Brawl people in such places. I only made them due to being highly requested, but given this insider info I’ll have to put most of them to the back of my list (thank goodness, honestly 😛 ).

  8. Chicken Chaser says:

    Wow, I was surprised to hear about the Brawl texture reputation, I thought even the most hardcore anti-Brawlers would be able to accept the newer, much nicer, textures…

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