Ease the Heart, Rest the Soul

And now, a quick word from our sponsor…

After many long months of hexing, texturing, and hacking in general… in a time where I once hacked for Brawl, before cracking Melee’s code and totally devoting my time to uncovering its secrets… I now take a break. Don’t really know how long I’ll be out, however (I give myself a good month before I’m back into folders; I already have a few things set up for whenever I get back to hacking, haha).

Yes, a break… Rather anti-climactic… I’m taking this time off to focus moreorless on my work in school, and — honestly — to log a few hours into the almost-released-in-the-U.S. game Pokemon SoulSilver. (Lugia for the win!)

With that, I leave a few closing textures — this is definitely not my last update till I get back; I WILL still be updating (if all goes well), I just won’t be creating anything in this time… so… I won’t be as frequent as I usually am, or try to be.


That said, I plan on getting a bit of rest, setting my clock forward an hour, and leave these tidbits here for you all to enjoy. Agent Mario (and yes, that IS Dr. Mario), Evil Ice Climbers (MUCH thanks to Androu1 for allowing me to utilize this concept!), commemorative texture Lance for Roy (based on his HeartGold/SoulSilver look), and… well, since I didn’t think these rather hastily-made/easily-converted stages could get an update on their own, Ancient Battlefield, Neon [Nighttime] Yoshi’s Story, and Winters (MUCH thanks to BigSharkZ for allowing me to convert his stage into Melee!).



One Response to Ease the Heart, Rest the Soul

  1. zBOREDOMKINGz says:

    Can someone make a video of Neon Island? I think I’d appreciate it a lot more.
    Take all the time you need, S.
    And play the shit out of Soul Silver! ahaha

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