And LOTS OF THINGS were changed!

This entire project is all thanks to ZoSo, without him, Kira would never be in SSBM!

Tichinde925 did all of the Audio editing, and qual and S./Steelia did the textures.

First, check out this video:

qual was kind enough to record this for us. It goes over the audio changes as well as well as what the new texture looks like.

Download Link:

Pack contains several different Audio Changes as well as two different Texture changes.

Character Select Screen:



Enjoy our BIGGEST RELEASE ever!


I believe Marth has gained some MANLY POINTS!


4 Responses to Kira is FINISHED!

  1. Nights Owl says:

    Marth. Manly points? Never… >.> Ive been following you guys for a while now. And you may not be getting a whole lotta comments and what not but i really love what you guys are doing. I like to play Melee and Brawl Alternately so This Spices up Melee to be a bit newer feeling. Keep up the great work. :3

  2. Sean says:

    Thanks man. Keep up the good work. Love what you are doing, makes playing competitive melee (casually… kinda weird i know) with my friends fun! This texture in particular is awesome!

  3. D1 says:

    this is GODLIKE!

  4. James says:


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