Basic HPS Guide.

So, a lot of people have been asking about hps hacking… and apparently GodFed’s guide is complicated!

Sooo , I made a little…6 part… 40 minute guide… <_<

part 6 will go up when I finish it!


3 Responses to Basic HPS Guide.

  1. S. says:

    Oh… yeah… and SleepyK’s apart of the team now. Welcome! :}D

  2. Tichinde925 says:

    The only thing I dont understand from GodFed’s Guide on HPS hacking is making your own starting loop point.

    Changing the end loop point is easy, just not the starting one.

    And editing the HPS so that you can loop perfectly within milliseconds. When I do it, you sometimes hear repeats right as it loops, not when he does it though 😛

  3. sleepyk says:

    the starting loop point is just the ending loop point, lol. he’s just talking about how to start your loop at the segment you want.

    your loop.
    not the start of the song.

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