Falcon Literal + Mr. Game & Watch!

Now for something a little different.

So yeah.
Mr. Game & Watch is now color-changeable.
No luck on a way of changing his outline from his body color (doubt it can actually be done), but crossing fingers and running a test or two on it.

In the meantime, releasing two sets of Game color changes; a lighter set, and a somewhat darker-but-still-kind-of-light set. Choose whichever appeals to you.

As an added bonus, another texture that was created rather recently, just for the sake of seeing where I was texture-wise. Captain Falco? I think that might work.

Alternatively, you too can hack Mr. Game & Watch to make your own color set! He’s extremely easily; merely requires his PlGw.dat file and a hex editor (preferably Hex Editor Neo, or even 010 Editor).
Oh, and these coordinates:

Hex Editor Neo
–Offsets 0000379c – 0000379e for Black Mr. Game & Watch (default)
–Offsets 000037a0 – 000037a2 for Red Mr. Game & Watch
–Offsets 000037a4 – 000037a6 for Blue Mr. Game & Watch
–Offsets 000037a8 – 000037aa for Green Mr. Game & Watch

010 Editor
**Offsets 3790h: column C – 3790h: column E (Black Mr. Game & Watch)
**Offsets 37a0h: column 0 – 37a0h: column 2 (Red Mr. Game & Watch)
**Offsets 37a0h: column 4 – 37aoh: column 6 (Blue Mr. Game & Watch)
**Offsets 37aoh: column 8 – 37aoh: column A (Green Mr. Game & Watch)

~Ensure that the “OVR” button at the bottom-right is on (if it says “INS”, just single- or double-click it to make it “OVR”).

Each Game color consists of 3 bits of data, each bit containing 2 digits apiece.
For black: 00 00 00
For red: 6E 00 00
For blue: 00 00 6E
For green: 00 6E 00

To change the color of Game, you simply change any/all of the six digits to whatever you prefer.
~My personal method is going into a program like Photoshop, opening the Color Picker, and choosing my six digits from there… like how digits 7840a8 — or 78 40 a8 — is a lavender color. (Alternatively, if you don’t have Photoshop, you can use this site for reference. :}D )

Once you’ve done that… save the file, and you’re done! Easy stuff.

Have at it.~


One Response to Falcon Literal + Mr. Game & Watch!

  1. andgamer12 says:

    I like The Captain Falco Texture Hack, It Looks AWESOME o3o, Must, Have, It xD

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