Tournament Standard…

Requests are HIGHLY wanted for this bit!

This is something that has been bugging me for quite a while.

Since I started texturing, the majority of costumes I’ve released haven’t exactly been… very friendly in teams or tourneys, so the rumor has it. As a result, I’ve been thinking of going back to basics. (A very temporary change, though; I’ll definitely continue alternate costumes.)

What I want to hear in the comments below are… requests for character costumes that are not elaborate requests; rather, I want to hear things on the lines of “Green Foxes” or “Orange Mewtwos” or “Brown Kirbys”.
That’s right. Color swaps. VERY much like what will be in the gallery below.

I’m in need of plenty of suggestions — from Dr. Mario to Roy. Armor recolors, clothe recolors, fur recolors, eye recolors, jewel recolors, cape recolors, you name it. Throw me some sticks and I’ll stack ’em.
Again, I am NOT disregarding the more elaborate character texturings, like Fox to Wolf or Captain Falcon to Captain America… This is merely a “side project”; I want to see how it is received, so we can get a few more costumes in the competitive scene.

~Just a brief note, try to be as elaborate as possible — don’t just say “Brown Fox” and be done with it. Try giving me more details. “Brown shirt; black coat; pink fur; blue boots; orange eyes.” Something along the lines of that. Even what color it replaces (“Brown Fox” over his default costume!!) You don’t have to name EVERY single detail (unless you really want to)… I’m very interested to hear what people can come up with. I’ve seen some very impressive recolors as it stands, so… don’t disappoint! 😉
And please! Be serious. Don’t throw in random color recommendations that will burn my eyes, unless you really want to see it (or are curious to see how it could look).

With that… I will let you all at it. Cheers!~


35 Responses to Tournament Standard…

  1. silent wolf says:

    i could help with the fox/falco textures if you would like. ive been working on those characters a lot recently.

  2. Shade says:

    Red Dress for Peach to replace her default pink one, similar to the color of her red team in brawl

    Marth with white hair on his white costume

  3. S. says:

    W’ey, that would be great, silent wolf. The two Fox hacks you made were right on the money.

  4. Rialdospaldacht says:

    White on Ganondorf (what a surprise, a Ganondorf request coming from me), in the same way red tints his armor red and green his armor green.

    Also Black tail on Mewtwo, for his Stadium Shiny color.

  5. shadowsquid86 says:

    Black Jigglypuff.

    Red irises.

    Grey inner ears.

    Silver crown.

    Over the crown costume (obviously).

  6. LuCKy says:

    Can I get a Falco with a pink jacket

    White pants/shirt

    Maybe make the blue of his uhhh feathers? a little more darker

    and if possible a golden gun :] and this is for his red color

    please and thank you.

  7. LuCKy says:

    I’m not sure how many we can request lol but for my friend.

    Black fur Fox with the lighter parts white (like tip of his tail and inside of his ears).

    Red jacket and boots.

    Black pants/shirt

    Grey scarf and gloves

    and if possible a grey 19 on his back lol *replace red fox*

    Im not sure if this one is possible but maybe it’ll get mango to play puff once in a while lol A puff colored as a mango :] *replace green puff*
    please and thank you again ^__^

  8. silent wolf says:

    i can make those for you later tonight or tomorrow joey 😀

  9. silent wolf says:

    except maybe the puff lol

  10. shadowsquid86 says:


    Dr. Mario

    Crimson overcoat

    Orange gloves

    Dark pants

    Over Red Team

  11. LuCKy says:

    thanks otto!

    the puff one isnt really that important i just thought itd be pretty cool lol

  12. Lord Prosper says:

    Jigglypuff + Red headband = awesome.

  13. peyudosmith says:

    I would simply love a Spiderman Sheik on his red outfit

    basically the same as Spiderman looks like lol (idk if you can do the mask on his face but w/e


    an Ichimaru Gin skin for white Marth, light purple hair, remove tiara (if possible), white cape with the gotei 13 symbol on it.. and put him those fox-like asian eyes

    yeah that would be great

  14. Icy says:

    Black Yoshi from Paper Mario TTYD

  15. Icy says:

    Oh, and, replacing blue yoshi >_>

  16. peyudosmith says:

    + Pacman Kirby on his yellow outfit is NEEDED!

  17. Ms Gummy says:

    Purple dress peach!! O:
    -With the bottom layer of her dress light blue (sky blue) & her hair the same color. (sky blue)
    -Gloves remain white.
    -Crown could be a dark purple.
    -Shoes should be light blue.
    -The gold on her dress should be a darker purple than the dress.
    -The jewel on her dress sky blue, the earrings purple.
    -Ring should be purple. & the jewel on the crown should be sky blue. :]

    Next one: Purple & Sky Blue Ice Climbers.
    Popo = Sky Blue
    Nana= Purple
    If you could please make the hammers white.

  18. S. says:

    “Uh, I’m not sure if this is the right thread to ask this but can someone makes Falco’s outfit look like Bruce Lee’s from this scene? lol

    It’s just like….white jacket, black pants and white/black shoes I’m pretty sure.

    For future reference!

  19. peyudosmith says:

    Oh and do this for god’s sake:

    Put Fox this shirt here (for regular or red fox)

    dark blue pants
    light blue boots

    black helmet
    normal fur
    dark blue scarf
    black gloves

    it’s Leo Messi FOX!

  20. S. says:

    Ah… I’m afraid texture limitations won’t allow me to do such a thing with his shirt, peyudosmith (his shirt is mirrored — only half of his shirt can be edited, and in the file it is flipped so the other half is colored the same).
    That’s one of the reasons I haven’t done anything vertical. ):

  21. peyudosmith says:

    awww I see

    such a shame

    anyway just the shirt with those colors would be fine for me (no need to put the name or the number on)

  22. peyudosmith says:

    nevermind, I understand you can’t make the colors either

  23. _Data_Drain_ says:

    Hm… How about a texture like this?

    …Sorry if this isn’t how you want a request described… But I think a picture works… I hope. 😦

  24. S. says:

    Sure, a picture works just fine. If anything, it’d be more preferred (I’ve always been more of a visual person :b ), but of course text is just great.

    Keep the suggestions comin’, people, the lot of suggestions here have been taken care of. (:

  25. D1 says:

    Actually I was wondering where is Black Yoshi in the released content? I think some textures are missing from the released content area…cuz I remember stack smash had some more stuff back then didn’t they?

  26. S. says:

    No… not that I’m aware of. But I’ve got something in mind for Black Yoshi; no worries about him.

  27. […] forget to check out the sticky post to suggest some of your own tournament-friendly costumes! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } […]

  28. D1 says:

    I was thinkin of having a entire black set for the whole cast. You can be creative as to how you want ’em to look.

  29. peyudosmith says:

    how about a Halo one for Green Samus?

    and a captain planet skin for Green Falcon would be awesome haha

  30. libertyernie says:

    I added Jigglypuff support to KirbyTool (, so Jiggly’s recolors should be easier.

  31. S. says:

    “I would like to request…a black and pink sheik..emphasis on black =) ”

    Tabs being kept on.

  32. Reiism says:

    A snakeman theme for green Samus. Green helmet,gun, and lower torso; white chest, shoulders, and boots; black thighs, and upper arm; with a red visor

  33. S l o X says:

    I . . . want . . . orange . . . fox!

  34. peyudosmith says:

    something on green roy would be nice

    dark green hair
    bright green armor and tiara
    orange/red cape
    dark green gloves
    black pants
    bright green boots

    and something nice on his sword (up to creator)

  35. Thany says:

    Perhaps over Roy’s Gold costume
    (assuming I need to pick one to be overwritten
    with a texture) a texture hack that makes him
    look like the lord of the 5th FE game,
    Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.

    This lord is of course Leaf.

    It would be amazing if you could make one of Leaf.
    He’s pretty cool…Tee hee, but I still like Roy
    the best ;3

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