Far above the Earth…

There lives an old cat, an obese samurai, a green man, and a gardening genie.

…Yeah, I had a feeling you wouldn’t believe me.

Which is why I have snapshots of this place, known only as The Lookout. Rest easy knowing we’ve got these fine persons keeping an eye over the sanctity of the planet!

*Inspired by I.B’s old request for a Hyperbolic Time Chamber… Hope this somewhat works. :b


11 Responses to Far above the Earth…

  1. ty says:

    oh my god…i want this so bad.

  2. ty says:

    scratch that, i just downloaded it. thank you so much. i’ve been really excited about all of the stuff that’s been put out. but being a DBZ fan to the bone, this is the best suprise of the night.

  3. I.B says:

    yayyy thanks Steelia

  4. S. says:

    Glad you guys approve. I was a little worried the no-blue-sky thing wouldn’t swing too well. (:

  5. sleepyk says:

    any chance you have a pack for fod?

  6. S. says:

    That I do. I thought I updated it on the post on Smash Boards, but I guess I missed that one. I’ll upload ASAP.

  7. D1 says:




  8. peyudosmith says:

    woah incredible

  9. peyudosmith says:

    by the way, that’s true.

    it would be even 1k times better with the daylight blue sky.. why couldn’t you do it?

  10. S. says:

    The background isn’t composed of textures; I’d have to find it Mr. Game & Watch-style… and Mr. Game I never found (someone gave the values for me to find).

  11. peyudosmith says:

    nevermind, it would be even better but it’s still awesome

    we want moar dragon ball textures!!

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