Star Fox 64 Appreciation Day

…What the heck is THAT?

I don’t know, either, but all I know is that I’ve got a nice little update here for all you old-school Star Fox fans!

Starting with the more “tangible” stuff, Zoness. Seems a little more ground has surfaced from the ravenous poison planet, and a lot of the creatures have gone AWOL, but that doesn’t stop it from being a dangerous arena.

Secondly, two very-long-in-the-works voice hacks: Star Fox 64 Fox and Star Fox 64 Falco. There are four characters that I always wanted to hear with their older voices. Fox and Falco were two of them, Ganondorf being another.
The two animals come with nothing short of their 64 voices, including familiar-sounding lasers… as well as totally “new” calls for their buddies on Venom and Corneria.

All aircraft report.

*In regards to Zoness, I’ll likely do a “lighting” tweak on it later, but for now I’ll have this as apart of the release. When I get the graphical update ready, I’ll be sure to post it up as well.


2 Responses to Star Fox 64 Appreciation Day

  1. D1 says:

    LMAO Falco sounds like he’s cursing. This is amazing.

  2. silent wolf says:

    rape, thanks

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