Roster organization?

A possible editing of the site’s “Choose Your Character” section… In need of some feedback!

This is something that has irked me for a little while now.
In the Choose Your Character section, you click the icon of a character to see pictures of their textures… OK, fair enough. However, this is something that I didn’t predict to happen: we’re actually making a lot of textures. Originally, I made it icon-oriented because, honestly, I didn’t think I’d be making so many textures as I am. And now, I’m wondering what step(s) to take next.

What do you all think? Should I…
-get rid of the whole roster icon concept and organize with links? by alphabetical? by roster order? oldest to newest? newest to oldest?
-keep roster icons, but separate by character instead? by alphabetical order, or by roster order?
–have icons separated by characters, in their own individual subpages?
-leave as-is?

I don’t know; leave me some thoughts. I probably won’t get around to it for some time, though, but I’d still appreciate some suggestions on the matter.


10 Responses to Roster organization?

  1. Sam says:

    I like it as is. Pictures are the fastest way to find what I’m looking for. Although I think an organization by character of some sort would help, but nothing too organizad-o.

  2. nube says:

    characters in alphabetic order with a show/hide option of each character’s textures seems appropriate

  3. Bombjanator says:

    by characters and by tier. though name is pretty organized, i feel people are usually more interested in top and high tier characters so they’ll be more inclined to see those first and if they’re all at the top it would be nice.

  4. Rima_Mashiro says:

    I think I’ll choose: “–have icons separated by characters, in their own individual subpages?” Of course, the choice is your pick, and I’m okay with any of them.

  5. D1 says:

    Basically each char should have their own icon, you click the icon then you reach a subpage with all the textures available for that character.

    Links or icons…it doesn’t really matter. Icons just look prettier and are more attractive than links themselves.

  6. Icy says:

    no links
    put some zeldas

    ok no, put a dropbox that shows the characters textures
    and the characters are organized alphabetically

  7. Alu says:

    having icons separated by characters, in their own individual subpages seems to be the best solutions to me

  8. DNS says:

    I think you should organize it by character; make it like the char select screen is in Melee, and when you click on each character it shows the textures for them.. the “random” slots could be links to all the characters on the same page.

  9. Sveet says:

    Organize it alphabetically by character. Inside each character organize it by which texture overrides which color slot.

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