Hit the jump for some color-editing guides… and some promising info!

Hey there all, REALLY sorry about the lack of updates… Been taking care of a lot of personal things that just have a little more priority than updates. But I promise, I have something in mind for later that I hope you all will enjoy.

In any case!

SleepyK strikes again, but this time whipping up a video to spread the word of a new guide, introducing two things you all should be very interested in seeing… if you’re into space animals (also includes notes of some model-vertex stuff):

Laser Guide Part1
Laser Guide Part2

Credit goes to nube of Smash Boards for finding the placements (and an honorable mention to Qual for being really close originally, if not finding ’em first 😉 )!
And, of course, MUCH thanks to GameWatching for introducing the Vertex stuff, and for about four other individuals working behind the scenes on all the more complex modeling editing (Milun included)!

Keep on truckin’.


5 Responses to LAZER + VERTEX NOTES!!

  1. sleepyk says:

    there’s zero video guide going on here XD

  2. S. says:

    Lol, Worded that wrong, my fault. [/edit]

  3. nube says:

    cool stuff 🙂

  4. Dark Link -X- says:

    Great find you guys. I was just wondering though if you guys have found any of the hex offsets for the aura of the laser that comes out the laser gun after the laser has been shot, or remotely close to finding it?? Which format would you guys it could be in, RR BB GG or ## ## ##?? Again, great stuff fellas.

  5. ISAAC GEEKEN says:

    Update the site with a hack already >.>

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