Fiery Phazon

Double side-stage dosage.

First off, we’ve got Phazon Depths… Sadly, yes, Brinstar’s been pretty terribly infected. Kraid seems to be handling it pretty well.

Following that, a stage I made solely for personal purposes, but despite how sloppy it turned out, decided to release anyway… Bowser’s Keep: Inner Chambers. Goes in conjunction with the Princess Peach’s Castle-to-Bowser’s Keep stage hack… Yup. Have fun with that.


3 Responses to Fiery Phazon

  1. nube says:

    WOW, awesome stage textures, S! You weren’t gonna release the Hyrule/Bowser hack? It’s a freaking masterpiece lol!

    Great to see that you’re back at it with texture hacks. (Or were all these made a long time ago? Dunno but they look great either way)

  2. S. says:

    Oh, wow, thanks. XD
    Hmm… I haven’t restarted yet, but I’ve been thinking about it. Most of these I’ve been holding on to for quite a while, ‘n finally decided to put them to good use. 😛

  3. Dragoon Fighter says:

    Wow that is just…Wow awesome. Awesome Job!

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