Hello there!

Welcome to the world of POKéMON!

…After a massive creative slump, I decide to go for a texture. ANY texture. And what struck me so inspiring as to end my four-month non-texturing hiatus?

Professor Oak.



5 Responses to Hello there!

  1. Zyx says:

    Woow I love it !

  2. Oh shit Professor Oak. That’s a very good idea indeed.

  3. RuKeN says:

    Oh, perfect

    i want cerate a mario and luigi PKMN trainers(but need more time but i thing in more textures xD)

    combinated with this texture are perfect

  4. _Data_Drain_ says:

    I think Missingno. is watching this lecture, in the first picture I mean, look at the screen. XD

    Oh and, I guess Oak forgot to shave for awhile. 😛

  5. Akorax says:

    Is it possible to request a port for this cool little guy to PlDrNr.dat?
    Btw, how did you make the Stethoscope parts invisible? 😮

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