Prince of Hyrule!

Hyrule now count with one new allied!

Ganondorf trembles!

Because the war doesn’t finish until he remains an alone Hylian Soldier in foot!


¡Hyrule ahora cuenta con un nuevo aliado!

¡Ganondorf tiembla!

¡Porque la guerra no acaba hasta que quede un solo soldado Hyliano en pie!


5 Responses to Prince of Hyrule!

  1. S. says:

    Hylian Shield armor.

  2. teamrocketspy621 says:

    This should be the next Link.

    And the next LoZ should be a turn-based tactical RPG strategy game or whatever the hell Fire Emblem is.

    Come to think of it, that kind of LoZ could actually work, don’t you think? I mean, Nintendo has broken away from the traditional LoZ adventure genre, what, once into the third-person shooter genre? I can’t recall any other spin-offs, other than the Tingle games, but… well, American series fans hate him so much that his games were never marketed in America, so those games don’t really exist for me.


  3. wutzu says:

    That Hylian Shield armour is giving me feelings I thought I’d never have. OVER 9000 internets to the artist(s).

  4. coden says:

    ❤ i wanna see more things like this!

  5. sebdiddly says:

    how do you get a link to these?

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