HQ Preview/Review

Yeah, about that one thing I’ve been working on…

Before I start getting fancy with all the recolors for the characters and such, I really want to know what some of you think so far. That way, I can go back and edit a few things before release.

There are some minor details that I’ll likely keep on the final products, however, so if you say something I’m wanting to keep… no neglect intended. C:

So yeah, characters so far, and (if applicable) notes on their costumes:

Mario – N/A

Luigi – N/A

Falco – changed jacket from yellow to more saturated tan to give more diversity from Fox (who will retain more yellow colored jacket)

Kirby – traditional GBC/GBA/DS/handheld colors

Pichu – retains blue eyes; handheld color scheme

Pikachu – handheld color scheme

Jigglypuff – iris?; handheld color scheme

Mewtwo – narrowed eye, tail deeper purple, keeping truer to official artwork

Giga Bowser – darker colors; reddened skin

Donkey Kong – complete fur makeover; gave “DK” letters on tie a shinier, brighter feel

Link – closer to Soulcalibur II appearance

Young Link – brighter clothing than original counterpart; red belts reminiscent to Majora’s Mask

Sandbag – N/A


5 Responses to HQ Preview/Review

  1. dekar says:

    all looks ace…

  2. Although I understand using her Gameboy color scheme, I think Jigglypuff would look better looking more like Kirby color wise. Other than that I’m loving the eyes of High Quality Jigglypuff.

    Can you post a picture of Brawl-style MewTwo and High Quality MewTwo together? I don’t really see a difference between the two.

  3. S. says:

    ^ I think I made one of Jiggs’ alternate costumes use her more traditional Melee colorings… I think it was her crown? I can’t remember. Shoot. Well… that, and I wanted her to look different from Kirby color-wise. I think she actually looks a little something like that in Brawl, too.

    As for Mewtwo, it’s… not really something you can see with the naked eye. The way Melee works, models have all these nice little indents, and an odd shine. It’s just better if I showed you the textures for comparison:

  4. @S.

    I see. Yes the HQ textures do look better than the Brawl textures. However I must note that you’ve said that you made Brawl MewTwo’s texture dull so he could be more like Brawl. But I don’t think you made the Brawl textures duller, I think they just look darker.

  5. S. says:

    Darker, and a bit more desaturated. But yeah, darker would be the right word, though, my fault. 😛 (The textures I pasted on Lucario a long while back had to be made even darker than the ones here. >_>)

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