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160 Responses to Suggestions

  1. steelia says:


  2. SuperCoins says:


  3. Pyro says:

    Bill Cosby!!!
    Kids, they listen to the rap, which gives them the brain damage…

  4. Omega Ridley says:

    GAARA from Naruto
    Nice textures by the way.

  5. God says:

    Omega Ridley, re-read the post.

  6. rotomRASENGAN says:

    make metaknight into rorschach in honor of the first good movie of the year

  7. blood says:

    pokegods. Like pikagod and that dark skeleton charizard thing on pokegods island. Venastaus, mewthree, and other pokerumors.
    oh sonic as shaymin.

  8. S. says:

    @Omega Ridley: Appreciate it. ๐Ÿ˜› (Though I cannot be sure I’ll ever make Gaara, to be honest… as God pointed out above.)

    @rotomRASENGAN: I think someone beat me to that…? I know I’ve seen Rorschach on a Meta Knight… somewhere…

    @blood: LOL, Pokegods. I’ll look into that.

  9. WiiHacker says:

    Is there any place where I can download your
    textures? Your textures are great. I really would like to use it in brawl.

  10. S. says:

    Hey there WiiHacker, thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚
    You can download textures either at Stack Smash (the revealed ones, anyway), and one or two spares over at the Kitty Corp. forums.
    Wish I could provide a link or two, but certain limitations prevent me from doing so… at THIS moment. Sorry about that. >_>

  11. WiiHacker says:

    Thanks for answering my question!
    It’s such a shame that there is a limitation thing that is making our life tough.
    Anyway, I really like your MOTHER textures!
    Lucas into Kumatora (boy into girl..awesome! XD)and Ness into Porky!
    I tried to make Picky but not as good as yours(Obviously!)
    I also like Hinawa. I hope that you can provide your textures someday.
    Anyway, KEEP UP YOUR WORK!

    Thanks for your reply!

  12. VilePLZGiveUsGore says:

    make a new version of satan luigi this time make him in either a white or black tuxedo…..n plz plz plz try n copy Vile’s gore mk/effects cuz he wont release them T.T

  13. dizmo7 says:

    Zelda as Vaati from the legend of zelda series

  14. S. says:

    Zelda as Vaati, eh? That’s different.

  15. Dotz says:

    Giygas. you must have Giygas. If you cannot grasp the true form of giygas I will help. Giygas will be the ultimate psa. Giygas needs his own hacked stage. Giygas Giygas Giygas Giygas Giygas Giygas Giygas Giygas Giygas Giygas.

  16. steelia says:

    Better believe Giygas is always top priority… when it comes to stages, anyway.

  17. Mura says:

    Hey S, Fierce Diety Link would really make me smile. (like this: :D)

  18. I.B says:

    FD -> Hyperbolic Time Chamber

    The main platform’s colors altered to white primarily with a lighter blue as the secondary color.

    The background changed to a fixed picture of the main entrance with the clock and the sand timers. Something like this:

  19. steelia says:

    @Mura: You can bet a version for him and Young Link have been under works… It’s just a matter of release, and some finer tuning on my part.

    @I.B: LOL, The Hyperbolic Time Chamber…
    While I like the concept, it’s impossible for me to change the Final Destination stage’s actual colors (the stage consists of CLR0 coloring, which I have no idea how to edit)… and the background consists of a lot of (normally colorless) flowing images. So like Giygas Destination, what I edited is really all I could do to it.

  20. I.B says:

    awww:( Alright.

  21. I.B says:

    lol my friend just gave me a funny one.

    Jiggs = the “Easy button” from Staples depot.

  22. I miss Mewtwo. And Arceus is awesome. I think you did a Arceus Lucario for Brawl, any chance of an Arceus Mewtwo in Melee?

    Also, Roy as Pit would be pretty cool.

    Keep up the good work.

  23. S. says:

    ^ Oh, shoot, I totally forgot about my Arceus Mewtwo! Though, for some reason I remember it failing miserably… Ah, well, nothing like a revisit. ๐Ÿ˜›

    As for Roy-Pit, I’ve been thinking about transferring Brawl character textures into Melee in general (the “Brawl exclusive” characters, that is).
    Just need to find fitting characters for the others…

  24. Mura says:

    Also another idea, any chance of a Twilight Realm stage hack for Temple? That’d be pretty boss. No rush on this one though, unless you really want to do it, after trying to figure out texture hacking myself, I;m pretty sure doing a temple texture could take hella long.

  25. S. says:

    ^ Actually, Temple’s got some of the fewest stage textures I’ve seen, so it probably wouldn’t be too hard at all. (Just a matter of figuring out what goes where, and all that.)
    However, I’ve already got something in mind for Temple, so that’ll have to hold. But believe me when I say that a Twilight Realm-themed Temple has always been on my own personal wishlist. ;P

  26. I.B says:

    Would any of the neutrals (Yoshi Story, Fountain of Dreams, Final Destination, Battlefield, Dreamland, Pokemon Stadium) be hackable for you?

  27. S. says:

    ^ Oh, sure, definitely. It’s just a matter of what the heck I’m going to change them into. >_>
    (I’ve already edited FD.)

  28. I.B says:

    black and red marth…


  29. Charmeleon says:


  30. S. says:

    ^ Hoho, I totally forgot about ‘im. I’ll need to jot that down for future reference.~

    @I.B: Err… Isn’t Marth’s red-team outfit already black and red? XD

  31. I.B says:

    I meant more like his black outfit, but instead of yellow on it…red =)

  32. I.B says:

    Viewtiful Falcon, holla

  33. S. says:

    ^ That was an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while, too, but I’m too lazy to do anything with it as… well… Viewtiful Joe, I’m not familiar with. But we’ll see. Shouldn’t be too bad.

  34. Ice Kirby says:

    can i make shadow pikachu,and Shadow jigglypuff?
    In Super smash Bros. Brawl.

  35. I.B says:

    Shadow Queen Peach from Paper Mario: TTYD

  36. Maybe the sprite version of Dr. Mario? With grey hair and the like?

  37. Tichinde925 says:

    Can you please fix Batman / Black Captain Falcon?

    He is too dark! He cannot be seen that well on Battlefield / Final Destination / dark stages.

  38. S. says:

    Then turn up the Brightness on your TV set. XD

    I’ll look into it; I haven’t exactly used him in battle myself yet (was saving a CD burn for another time; tested him in Dolphin).

  39. Mewzard64 says:

    Brawl Ness
    Brawl Ice Climbers
    Brawl Pikachu
    Gameboy Pikachu
    Classic Mario
    Classic Luigi
    Classic Peach
    Classic Bowser

  40. Chris says:

    Malon Peach

  41. S. says:

    @Mewzard64: What exactly do I base GB Pikachu off of? He has quite a few GB sprites to choose from; which specifically?

  42. Mewzard64 says:

    His Pokemon Red/Blue sprite I guess, you maybe should make an audio hack to go with it.

  43. Mewzard64 says:

    Yeah I have another suggestion, Peach as White Mage. If your wondering what white mage, I’m talking about the one in Mario Hoops 3 on 3.

  44. dns says:

    you should upload your CSPs/stock icons.. i’ve noticed you had some in your videos

  45. Afro_Chris` says:

    paper mario for G&W
    dark peach
    kratos from tales of symphonia for marth
    magus from chrono trigger for marth
    the great saiyaman from DBZ for Captain Falcon
    M bison from Street fighter for Captain Falcon or Ganon
    black yoshi

    sorry if it’s too many, hopefully you can do some at least though!

  46. dns says:

    i don’t think g&w hacks are possible

  47. Mushroom Kindom III: a SMB3 theme on MKII. (Or MKI)

  48. Afro_Chris` says:

    hey i got some more suggestions

    rachel from blazblue, for peach
    Leon Powalski from starfox, for falco

    for stages:
    a day time version of FOD
    a night time version of Yoshis story
    and Star Haven from paper Mario 64 for Dreamland

  49. person says:

    krystal off starfox

  50. Masked Nightmare says:

    Someone might have asked this already and I’m probably going to sound like a bum, but uhhh…
    I’m just wonder when are some of these Melee textures going to be downloadable? Fire Mario and Fire Dr. Mario would be pretty cool to have.

  51. S. says:

    Thanks for reminding me, Masked Nightmare; I need to make a more convenient link here at the site.
    All the downloadables can be found either on Megaupload (the Music), or over at Stack Smash’s “Released Content” section of their site, in the “SSBM” folder. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Mewzard64 says:

    Castle Bleck over Princess Peach’s Castle

  53. VietGeek says:

    I was wondering if you ever made a Brawl Marth texture?

    It was showed-off in this video:

    But it doesn’t seem to be in Stack Smash’s Released Contents?

  54. DNS says:

    Though it’s already been hacked to remove the sides.. how about the OoT boss fight vs ganondorf stage in replacement of that Mushroom Kingdom one? or maybe yoshi’s story ๐Ÿ˜›

  55. DNS says:

    also (if you didn’t already.. it just wasn’t showcased in the video), how about replacing the sound Ganondorf makes when his shield is broken with the sound he makes when you beat him in OoT, while he’s “dying”– he breathes heavily and it seems like it would fit perfectly

  56. S. says:

    ^ I believe I added that sound effect to Ganny, where he has the really heavy breathing.

  57. Gardevi says:

    S., do you mind releasing Samus’s gold charged shot next week so I can burn a new disc for an upcoming big NC tournament? We’ll be holding all of the three games and Brawlplus, and I’d like to be able to show off your work. And I reeeeeeally like that charge shot.

  58. S. says:

    Oh, it’s already released, Gardevi. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Released Content (link on side bar) -> Misc. -> Samus_PowerBeam.rar

  59. teamrocketspy621 says:

    How about… Kirby as an unarmored Meta Knight? And I mean as in like that one in SSBB made by Bossofthegame.

  60. S. says:

    ^ Mm, so long as I don’t have to make the shoes. Kirby’s shoes are mirrored front-to-back on Melee, whereas in Brawl it’s the more effective side-to-side mirroring.

  61. Gardevi says:

    @S. How Did I miss that?! >_>

  62. teamrocketspy621 says:

    “Kirbyโ€™s shoes are mirrored front-to-back on Melee, whereas in Brawl itโ€™s the more effective side-to-side mirroring.”

    Ew, they actually had it that way back then? ._.

    Lol, I guess it’s no sweat if the shoes have to be done differently for it to work – I mean, I’m not the one making the texture, so I shouldn’t talk but… Pretty much forces you to make ’em more simple than the ones in Bossofthegame’s texture.

  63. Mewzard64 says:

    SMB3 Mario & Luigi
    SMB2 Peach

  64. DinoDude27 says:

    Giygas Battlefield

  65. Teelz says:

    Fortran Mario

  66. S. says:

    Ahh, Fortran Mario… XD
    I was going to make him once a long time back, but because Mario’s hat is mirrored with the “M” I dropped it. Just wouldn’t be Fortran without that “F”. ):

  67. Teelz says:

    Could you do Malleo, Weegee, & Yushee at least?

  68. YoshiGalaxy says:

    NES Mario
    NES Luigi
    NES Peach
    NES MK2 Subcon

  69. YoshiGalaxy says:

    NES Bowser

  70. SloX says:

    You guys should make a Stage section . . . yeah . . . do it.

  71. Sonik64 says:

    Bryne over Link & Young Link

  72. peyudosmith says:

    Venus Lighthouse on Yoshi’s Story would be over 9000

  73. SleepyK says:

    how about lettin’ me on that team

  74. Joe says:

    ^ i agree with that

  75. Forest Wells says:

    Could you make a Viewtiful Joe Captain Falcon using his RED costume? I think that’d be pretty cool. Thanks.

  76. peyudosmith says:

    Son Goku and Krillin’s suit when they are kids (Dragon Ball) for Red Fox (:

  77. Gardevi says:

    Lavender Ganondorf as Magneto?

    Green Falcon as Green Lantern?

    Kind of needs some Donkey Kong textures; I don’t know what he would be though

  78. S. says:

    Yeah, DK’s been a real bother. Not much can really work on the guy, sadly. X:

  79. Smakis says:

    i would really, really like a nighttime version of dreamland.

  80. Gardevi says:

    I’d be happy with just cool recolors of DK if stuff isn’t going to work with him.

    Needs moar ganondorf. >_>

  81. S. says:

    @Smakis: Err, isn’t Dream Land already… dark enough as it is? Seems pretty redundant, no? XD

  82. Mewzard64 says:

    Can you make Ling-Ling from Drawn Together over Pikachu?

  83. Shade says:

    Red color for Peach, much like her brawl red team color

  84. GameWatching says:

    it’s really possible to vertex hack ?
    i will try if yes.
    and you can make Funky Kong over DK

  85. Alu says:

    Purple Yoshi
    Black Yoshi
    Ganon as Darth Vader
    Ganon as Alucard from Hellsing
    Captain Falcon as Chuck Norris
    Jigglypuff to Awesomepuff (

  86. VicPic says:

    Dear Register:

    Give your email right here in the suggestions and I will give you the gratest pictures of the Brendan Hack you’ll ever see.
    Wanting his pictures published:

  87. nube says:

    Just wanna give a quick thanks to S. and the rest of the team for all the hard work. Some suggestions:

    Kratos for red or pink c.falcon

    Etemon and Metaletemon for two DK costumes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  88. nube says:

    o_O those last two links dont work anymore



    Also, could Qual upload his white fd, that would be sweeeet

  89. vans says:

    I would like to request…a black and pink sheik..emphasis on black =)

  90. D1 says:

    I request all the sexy stuff that I see on your youtube vids that have yet to see the light of day on IL. โค

  91. Bombjanator says:

    For Brawl:

    Chris Redfield from Resident Evil for Snake
    Megatron or some other Transformers for R.O.B

    For Melee:

    Angel from Angel Beats for Zelda
    Pon or Zi from Pon & Zi comics for Kirby
    Vizard Ichigo from Bleach for Marth
    Kenpachi from Bleach for Marth
    Boo from Mario for Kirby

    just a few ideas for now. Great work!

  92. Bombjanator says:

    haha and some form of Majin Buu from DBZ for Mewtwo if possible! would be amazing!

  93. Rima_Mashiro says:

    How about a texture of Ganon from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Bowser and/or Giga Bowser in Melee? That’d be pretty neat. It’d be just as neat if there was a Ganon audio hack, like you did for Ocarina of Time Ganondorf in Melee. His artwork from Ocarina of Time was shown recently (though it’s pretty small):

    I guess it’d be something like:

    Up/Down/Side Smashes: Ganon’s roar when he slashes one of his swords.
    Taunt: After Link delivers the final blow, Ganon does a series of roars and flails his swords around widly. Just one of those roars would work really good for Bowser’s/Giga Bowser’s taunt.
    Heavy Damage (like Bowser’s Sound Test sounds #’s 14 and 15 in Melee): Ganon’s roar when hit in the face with Link’s Light Arrow.
    KO’d off bottom or side of stage or Foresight (hits the screen after KO’d): Ganon’s roar when Link attacks his tail.
    Star KO’d (sent flying in the background): After Ganon’s series of roars while flailing his sword, he finally does one last longer “roar” while Zelda shouts “Six sages, now!”. That’d be really good for his Star-KO’d roar.

    I haven’t seen anyone post this idea anywhere, so I thought I’d suggest it to you. I guess for the texture Bowser’s/Giga Bowser’s shell could be the color of Ganon’s tattered cape, and his eyes could be solid yellow or solid white, like Ganon’s eyes in OoT. And I guess Bowser’s/Giga Bowser’s spike cuffs could be textured like the cloth on Ganon’s wrists and shoulders, and his scales could be the color of Ganon’s skin. And some other things could be applied too.

    Well, I hope you think about and consider this idea for a texture hack and possibly an audio hack. =)

  94. Alu says:

    I’d like to see Zora Link! ๐Ÿ˜€

  95. Sveet says:

    I would really love to see a port of the billy mays texture for ganondorf.

  96. Moon says:

    This is probably a lot to ask for, but in the future it would be excellent if each texture could be applied to any color you want (as in, a download link for each color). This would allow people to mix and match the textures they want especially if some cover the same color.

    Also, please upload falcondorf.

  97. alex says:

    gonna second the Shadow Queen Peach suggestion:

  98. RuKeN says:

    upload more song to melee

  99. Brock Willard says: The picture is zelda and peach merged like conjoined twins, specifically the Dithoracic Parapagus formation. But instead of in front of one another could you make them more side by side. If you could do this, it would be EPIC!

  100. Sero says:

    Hey Man, how about a Ted “Theodore” Logan Roy and Bill S. Preston Esq. Marth

    (yes putting the whole names is necessary)

  101. Sero says:

    oh and maybe a sound hack for victory sounds as an “Excellent!”lol

  102. nube says:

    Yo S! Are you like officially retired from texture hacking, now that your ISO is out? Or just taking a break? Or are you working on something right now? Just wondering ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. S. says:

    Mmm, I’m definitely not retired… but I’m not working, either. So long as the Wii can’t read the custom Melee stuff, it’s really hard to come up with the inspiration to do anything texture-wise. (And I’m not about to try all that WODE jumbo, opening up the system… Ack. Not the trouble I want.)

    Audio, hmm, I could probably give that a shot…

  104. nube says:

    I have an idea… I’ll pm you the info ^^

  105. RuKeN says:

    a costume of goku for fox orange

    the hair of fox in black

  106. dudeman :) says:

    Several requests:
    A. Link wielding the Soul Calibur from SoulCalibur2
    A. Link looking like Zigfreid from Soul Calibur 4
    Ganon’s sword changed to look like soul edge from SC2

  107. RuKeN says:

    i made a texture for fox(is goku)

    how to send to illusory labyrinth??

  108. Dragoon Fighter says:

    I have a question, Could you release some of the textures that are in your video until you get your Wii working again? Like Wegee, Zora Link, and that altered Ness?

  109. Dragoon Fighter says:

    Edit: I meant videos not video sorry for the grammar error.

  110. Dragoon Fighter says:

    Sorry for triple posting but could skull kid (MM) be an option for Young link (To replace the red costume.)?

  111. RuKeN says:

    skull kid only can aviable with a model of trophy majora mask

  112. S. says:

    @Dragoon Fighter, I’ve been wanting to do that for a long while, but sadly the computer I use to take snapshots is out of commission at the moment… hence the lack of updates. :C
    Probably won’t get anything up till after the 17th.

  113. RuKeN says:

    I like work for IL

    i posted all textures of others web’s and my textures

  114. Sonicspeed328 says:

    More Donkey Kong textures such as Gutsman or some Megaman textures.

  115. Sonicspeed328 says:

    Actually instead of Gutsman can you release Oozaru?

  116. Dragoon Fighter says:

    Suggestion, how about the Fighting alloy team? Red and Blue Alloy.

  117. Dragoon Fighter says:

    I while playing a game of brawl with a friend of mine had an idea. How about Wingless Pit as a texture to replace Roy’s red costume?

  118. RuKeN says:

    Kirby as Metaknight Armorless!!

  119. S. says:

    omg at Pit-Roy Dragoon Fighter XD I’ll have to look into that one.

    And RuKeN, I was seriously JUST thinking of how that costume would work. O:

  120. RuKeN says:

    the problem is….

    i can’t hacking kirby textures D:

  121. fucker000 says:

    I always tought that Goku (kid) was going to be mae in Young Link (red costume)

  122. Dragoon Fighter says:

    I have a recommendation: you should have Brawl’s version of Alttp Dark World theme as an audio hack for your Dark Hyrule temple stage. ๐Ÿ™‚ (To replace great temple theme)
    I thought it would be very fitting.

    Also just curious would it be possible to make Past stage: yoshi island n64 look like this ( ) stage? (or a hybrid of the two?)

  123. RuKeN says:

    I need sugestion for Marth costume White ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  124. Mewzard64 says:

    Maybe Marth as Metakngiht?

  125. Mewzard64 says:

    I mean Metaknight.

  126. wutzu says:

    Link from the NES LoZ: red tunic (that is, from the Red Ring) and wielding the Magical Shield and Magical Sword. This would make my life.

  127. coden says:

    all i want is a really epic looking marth or roy. Preferabbly Marth. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah.

  128. coden says:

    oh! and a red(instead of purple) final destination. Or Rainbow!!!!!!(maybe not) if you have time…..pleaseeeeee?

  129. S. says:

    There’s definitely a Rainbow Destination floating around at Smash Boards somewhere…

    Yeahhh, there it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  130. coden says:

    also, could i use these textures for machinima? expecially dark roy(nice job!!!)obviously, i will give you credit(cause youre awesome!!!)

  131. coden says:

    also, if u have time, i would like to know what kind of SDK u use. if u want just send a link to my email, Thanks!

  132. S. says:

    Definitely don’t mind if you use them; they were made for people to enjoy, so… enjoy! (=

    As for SDK… I’ll see what I can do.

  133. coden says:

    thanks for all your help S. Youre the BESTEST!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. coden says:

    it may take awhile, but a pichu/pikachu vertex hack to make them flareon! i think that would be beast!

  135. EDGAR says:

    I’m trying to get this stage texture, just need a download link (I can take care of the rest)

    if you know how to get it I will really appreciate it

  136. Steve says:

    I have a couple ideas for textures: Scorpian Cpt Falcon and Vageta Falco. I just saw a Mango video with Falco looking like a super saiyan, and I was wondering where that texture was. i thought of this before then, but I was wondering if it got done.

  137. MetalKnuckles509 says:

    This one’s for good ol’ Melee! Can you make Mewtwo’s dark power stuff look more like the Aura for when playing as Lucario?

  138. WorkOut. says:

    – Voila have him(it) several suggestions for new textures hack:
    ( Take your time(weather))
    – Mario without cap
    – Dr . Luigi
    – Hitler (Mario like SSBB hack)
    – Billy Mays (Mario)
    – Fortran
    – Mario fire (rรฉtro)
    -Luigi fire (rรฉtro)
    – Mario with SM64 texture hack

    Here is obviously it is because suggestions!!!
    P.S: sorry I am french I use REVERSO:D

  139. Sraigux says:

    Suggestion: More updates. I love your guys’ stuff

  140. lala says:

    updates hou!

  141. Tsukimaru says:

    I have several ideas actually, but i cannot materializa them yet since im noobie on hacking :S

    some of my ideas are:
    .DareDevil Captain Falcon
    .Ermack captain falcon (clasic style like in Ultimate mortal kombat III)
    .Blue shirt, blue hat hat and black overall Mario (or luigi)
    .Meta knight or galacta knight kirby
    .Super Saiyan 4 Donkey kong (with pants of course)
    .Dr. House Texture (on Dr. Mario, it would be hilarious xD)
    .Fox and falco B-up fire color change (blue like bowserยดs fire would be awesome)
    .Iron Man Samus
    .Yoshi story/64 flattened stage (like Final Destination, battlefield, and so on)

    well, those are that come to my mind rght now, but please UPDATE THIS PAGE!!! Itยดs like a ghost town since christmas :S

  142. john says:

    Well I was thinking that you could find a way to convert .PCS files in to .DAT files wich would open up many more possabilties and you would not have to re-create some of your previous hacks

  143. MetalKnuckles509 says:

    Ooh, ooh, GODZILLA over Giga Bowser!!

  144. ANON says:

    Lelouch over Marth. It’s been done on Brawl.

  145. Akorax says:

    Eyerok for president!

    You know the hand boss in Mario 64 thats trying to grab you all the time? They would make an awesome Master hand/Crazy hand couple!
    Dunno if imagecodes work or not..


  146. Akorax says:

    Found a video:

  147. Nick says:

    Hey, so you mentioned in a couple character texture hack pages that you can move color specific texture hacks to different colors (like moving NES Peach from PlPeNr to PlPeWh for example). Where can we post requests for that, and where can we get in contact with you to receive your modifications? PM? Email?

  148. Construct says:

    First off, thank you SO MUCH for everything you’ve done.

    I’d like to suggest a version of the “Fierce Deity” skin that Link has, but done on Marth instead, if that’s possible. White eyes and facial tattoos, corresponding light and dark parts, similar sword. Thanks in advance!!

  149. Akorax says:

    Mario kart alternative of the Mute City stage.
    If one could make the f-zero cars look like the mario gang racing through the course I belive it would look amazing!

  150. Adam says:

    If you could make DK look like the Incredible Hulk that would be awesome.

  151. Sixth sense says:

    You guys should really really REALLY upload all of the music hacks (****ing megaupload) it’d be amazing oh and everything here is freakin awesome!

  152. Hipnosis183 says:

    Toon Mario

  153. Drew says:

    Crystal ice climbers

  154. Firestarter says:

    Hi! This isn’t really a request but I don’t know where else to ask. I really want your Green Ranger Captain Falcon skin, but I can’t seem to find it here, and since megaupload died…yeah. Is there any way I can acquire that? ๐Ÿ˜€

  155. Firestarter says:

    For Melee, by the way.

  156. Joey Aldama says:

    Is there any way possible of making a Batman Beyond Captain Falcon skin? For what it is worth I think I requested the original Batman skin on smashboards years ago. – Lucky

  157. Gasher says:

    Striker Bowser from Mario strikers!

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